We have access to an extensive range of piling rigs, ensuring that we can choose the right methodology to complete your job safely and effectively.

Open Bore Piling

All of the rigs at our disposal are extremely high powered which make them ideal for dealing with most ground conditions. Our bored piling machines are capable of installing pile from 200mm to 600mm to a maximum depth of 30 metres

The main advantage of the open bore piling method is that it allows for a greater range of sizes and depths of pile. Once the required depth is reached, a reinforcing cage can then be installed and the pile concreted.

CFA Piling

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling involves drilling downwards with a hollow auger. Once the required depth has been reached, concrete is injected through the auger as it is pulled up and out of the hole. In doing so, a continuous reinforced concrete pile is formed, which stops at ground level as the auger reaches the surface. CFA piling is an efficient technique which can be used with most ground conditions and has the advantage of causing very little disturbance to surrounding areas.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are created by installing a series of piles close together. These embedded piles create structurally sound walls for basement excavation. There are two main systems for creating retaining walls: contiguous bored pile walls and secant bored pile walls.

Contiguous Bored Pile Walls

This system is generally used for sites where groundwater is not an issue. The concrete piles are positioned so that they almost touch each other, leaving a gap of around 100mm between each pile, forming a robust retaining wall.

Secant Bored Pile Wall

This retaining wall system involves the installation of the piles in such a way that they overlap using a male and female pattern. This installation technique forms a watertight seal and thus provides a solid barrier against groundwater flow.

Cased Piles

This piling system works by using temporary casings to create a watertight seal through wet or unstable ground conditions down to a more stable strata of clay below which enables us to drill beyond to the specified depth. The benefits of case piles are less over break; reduced concrete consumption; open clean pile bore for easy inspection and the ability to acheive greater depths.

Mini Piling

At 4Site Construction we are specialist in the provision of Mini piled systems, we utilise piling rigs from 1.5 to 15 tonnes that, on the majority of occasions, do not require piling matts or specialist provisions.


Over the years 4Site and its team have become recognised for delivering the impossible. Our Mini piling equipment can be used for work inside buildings and in locations where restricted headroom is an issue and the use of larger piling systems would be impossible.

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