The structural work that we can undertake allows for the safe excavation of your property, the creation of space, and the improvement of existing walls.

Space Creation Lintel Beams

Fitting lintel beams means that rooms can be opened up without risk to the stability of an existing structure. 4Site Construction uses a special technique which means that heavy duty, reinforced concrete lintels can be installed as a permanent fixture. Installing these before any further work is carried out avoids the need for any temporary supports or foundation work.

Tie Bars

It is extremely common for older properties to experience movement in the walls. This can cause walls to visibly lean or bow, or there may be more subtle signs such as gaps opening up around coving or skirting boards.

Thankfully there is a way to remedy this movement through the use of tie bars. These bars are steel plates which are connected to the wall face and tied onto the main building structure, using the floor joists and/or a structurally sound and appropriate wall. Tying these bars to a joist or an opposite wall creates tension which will pull the wall back into position.


4Site Construction is able to lift a building with the use of hydraulic jacks, manifolds and heavy duty pumps. This jacking is sometimes necessary to safely complete underpinning works, and it has the advantage that there is no need for scaffolding or rebuilding.

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