One of the main concerns that people have with basement conversions is that basements are notoriously damp places. This is why effective waterproofing is vital when converting a basement into a functional living area.

We use two effective waterproofing techniques; cementitious tanking and cavity drain membrane systems.

Cementitious Tanking

Cementitious tanking involves applying a concrete slurry substance to the wall which acts as a barrier to the water. This waterproofing system isn’t always appropriate as its effectiveness depends on the quality of the wall that the slurry is applied to. Therefore older walls or walls that have the potential for significant movement may not be sustainable for this method. In addition the build-up of water against the wall can cause problems with the brickwork over time.

Cavity Drain Membrane

Cavity drain membranes are our waterproofing system of choice as we believe they provide a more effective alternative to the traditional cementitious tanking systems. Cavity drain membranes allow water to penetrate the structure but once inside, the water is held within the air gap and then diverted to a suitable drainage point. This system avoids the build-up of pressure against the basement wall, as found with cementitious tanking. In addition, the maintenance of the air gap means that the building can breathe and dry out.

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